We believe in our work tools, that’s why SPARKLYN has invested much in its state of the art industrial finishing equipment from world trusted manufacturers.

With a factory big enough to process over 6000 garments and 4080kg of linen per day, our staff are dedicated to service 24hrs everyday to meet the same day delivery time schedule.

A mixture of heat and mechanized action to garment blowing and perfect packaging. 100% quality is guaranteed. No doubt, SPARKLYN remains the signature in laundry.

At SPARKLYN, we have all finishing equipment for specific and special attention for every part of the cloth, from cuff, collar, sleeve, pant, to whole body giving your linen a special treatment that gives it that brand new look.

Here, we pay more attention to finishing than any other stage of the laundry process and this is the reason we invested so much in this area. Any linen that does not meet our standard level in other to enter this stage is sent back to start the whole laundry process from beginning and this is why any linen that comes out of SPARKLYN, sparkles.